The Pennsylvania Railroad
What Might Have Been

The concept behind this site is that the Pennsylvania Railroad chose to construct a transcontinental network around the turn of the 20th century. Instead of merging with the New York Central and going bankrupt the 1960's, the Pennsylvania Railroad prospered and flourished. Everything in the alternate history is based on research and fact and is at least plausible. Even so, nothing presented here should be taken as fact without independent corroboration. This website also serves as my confession to the world in photographic record of my modeling skill, in the form of an N Scale Pennsylvania Railroad.

It should also be noted that this site is in no way associated with, supported by, endorsed by, or in any way shape or form related to any corporation, agency, person, or entity which is mentioned or owns any of the logos, emblems, names, or titles displayed on the following pages. This site is not operated for profit, but rather to advance the hobby of model railroading through the author's modeling and ideas. Thanks for your time and enjoy!


















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